Fasting blood sugar – 8 -10 hours fasting.  Lipid profile – 12 hours fasting. Most other tests can be done without fasting blood. But it is always desirable not to collect blood shortly after any meal because it can create testing problems. Blood in such cases may be collected 2 – 3 hours after last meal.

Blood should be collected 2 hours from starting of the meal and after taking usual medicines and meal

First morning sample is better for Routine urine. For urine culture, collection should be preferably done in the lab and first morning sample is not required for it. In case of any difficulty midstream urine can also be collected at home. The local skin area must be cleaned prior to collection. Samples from residences and nursing homes should be sent to the laboratory within 1 – 2 hours.

No, fasting is not necessary for Thyroid test.

Medicines should not be taken before blood collection and in case medicines are taken, patients should inform the laboratory.

Yes, we have home collection and report delivery facilities.


Yes, reports can be sent by email or whatsapp if requested.

Yes, card payments are accepted.