Equipment Model
Immunohistochemistry Leica Bond Max
Fully Automated ELISA System Biorad Evolis Twin Plus
Automated Blood Coagulation Analysers Sysmex CA 600 Series
Automated Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer Beckman DXC 700 AU + ISE
Automated Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer Cobas, C 501
Automated Electrolyte Analyzer Sensacore (ST 100B)
Automated Coagulation Analyzer Sysmex 600 Series, CA 600
Automated Coagulameter Sysmex CA 50
Automated Elisa System Diesse, CHORUS TRIO
Automated Electro-Chemiluminescence System Abbott Alinity - i
Automated Haematology Analyser Sysmex,XN 1000
Automated Elisa Reader Erba(Transasia)LisaScan EM
Automated HbA1C Analyzer Bio-Rad USA, Variant II, Turbo
Automated RateTurbidimetry & Rate Nephelometry Immunochemistry System Beckman Immage 800
Automated Haematology Analyser Sysmex XN 1000
Automated Real Time PCR (RT-PCR) Molbio Truelab Uno Dx with Trueprep Auto & Workstation(Truenat)
Automatic Tissue Processor Leica, TP1020
Automatic Tissue Processor Yorco , YSI- 103, Super Deluxe
Centrifuge Remi, R8C
Fully AutomatedHemoglobinopathy Analyser (HPLC) Bio-Rad,Variant II
Gel Matrix Cartridge Warmer Tulip Diagnostics, CW 600
Immuno Assay Analyser Biomerieux Mini Vidas Blue
Inoculation Chamber (Laminar Flow) YORCO, HL- 32, 2019
Inoculation Chamber Yorco YBS, 32, 2019
Microtome Leica, RM 2125
Microtome Leica, RM 2235
Na/K/Li Analyzer TransAsia Bio Medicals Ltd.
Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Vital Scientific Microlab 300
Urine Chemistry Analyzer Siemens Clinitek- ADVANTUS
Urine Chemistry Analyzer Siemens Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Highlights of Molecular Diagnostics division:

  • Tests are performed on Fully automated Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) based assay(Truenat TM )
  • ICMR/CE/FDA (India) approved.
  • Test parameters offered are:
    a) Dengue RNA Viral Load PCR
    b) HBV DNA Viral load PCR
    c) MTB with drug sensitivity (MTB-RIF) by DNA PCR method

Apart from these major instruments, we also have sufficient number of centrifuges, electronic centrifuges, refrigerators with data loggers, autoclaves and incubators for smooth testing procedure.