Equipment Model
Automated Blood Coagulation Analysers Sysmex CA 600 Series
Automated Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer Beckman AU 680
Automated Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer Cobas, C 501
Automated Electrolyte Analyzer Nova, CX-4
Automated Electro-Chemiluminescence System Abbott Architect Plus -i1000SR
Automated Elisa Reader Erba(Transasia)LisaScan EM
Automated Elisa System Diesse, CHORUS TRIO
Automated Haematology Analyser Sysmex XN 1000
Automated Haematology Analyser Sysmex,XN 1000
Automated Haematology Analyser Beckman Coulter DXH800
Automated RateTurbidimetry & Rate Nephelometry Immunochemistry System Beckman Immage 800
Automated Real Time PCR (RT-PCR) Molbio Truelab Uno Dx with Trueprep Auto & Workstation(Truenat)
Automatic Tissue Processor Yorco ,XS I/03
Automatic Tissue Processor Leica, TP1020
Centrifuge Remi, R8C
Fully AutomatedHemoglobinopathy Analyser (HPLC) Bio-Rad,Variant II
Gel Matrix Cartridge Warmer Tulip Diagnostics, CW 600
Immuno Assay Analyser Biomerieux Mini Vidas Blue
Inoculation Chamber (Laminar Flow) Vertical DEEPAK MEDITECH YORCO-189
Inoculation Chamber Yorco, YSI-188
Microtome Leica, RM 2125
Microtome Leica, RM 2125

Highlights of Molecular Diagnostics division:

  • Tests are performed on Fully automated Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) based assay(Truenat TM )
  • ICMR/CE/FDA (India) approved.
  • Test parameters offered are:
    a) Dengue RNA Viral Load PCR
    b) HBV DNA Viral load PCR
    c) MTB with drug sensitivity (MTB-RIF) by DNA PCR method

Apart from these major instruments, we also have sufficient number of centrifuges, electronic centrifuges, refrigerators with data loggers, autoclaves and incubators for smooth testing procedure.